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Studio Minti

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( White Earring )

Studio Minti x Slumrunners

This beautiful brass jewellery is handcrafted by local Kenyan women to support their families.

Kenya exports several products to the international market such as coffee, tea, flowers and even broccoli. But there is nothing that says “Made in Kenya” like its homegrown craft products. This jewellery is a modern twist to the traditional use of brass. Today many modern pieces are made by local artists throughout Kenya. These pieces support artists and vendors touting their wares in the infamous Maasai markets of Nairobi. These markets pop up all over the city, they are best places to go hunting for precious things and are a fantastic way to help the entrepreneurial Kenyans directly.

Studio Minti has teamed up with Slum Runners to stock the pieces and all proceeds earned by Slum Runners Foundation, through the sale of these items go to assist an underprivileged community run school in the urban Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum of Nairobi.

They use funds earned to do any number of the following:
•       Purchase food for lunch programs
•       Supply and maintain clean water filters
•       Maintain and improve the school building (i.e. lay flooring, work towards installing electricity, replace sheet metal walls/ceiling as they become damaged, install whiteboards, replace worn out desks).
•       Provide learning materials (textbooks, readers books, flashcards)
•       Provide school necessities (notebooks, pencils, art supplies)
•       Assist with emergency funding for teachers’ salaries (ex. When school were closed due to covid19, we paid the lost salaries of our 14 teachers)
•       Work towards improved education through computer literacy and teacher training.